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  • Shukor Kassim 26 October, 2020

      Strongly recommended. Bought 30 pcs and left with 2 in just an hour!
  • Ihsan Zainal 26 September, 2020

      The Best Vadai in Singapore. Hands Down. I can down 10 pcs in one sitting!
  • Anonymous 18 September, 2020

      Prawn Vadai was crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. The prawns were fresh and cooked just right. Definitely one of the better vadai. Worth the 15 mins wait for the vadai.
  • Bahari Haron 26 November, 2019

      Soft, fluffy and fragrant vadais topped with a crispy and sweet fresh prawns hits the spot every single time The smell is allures even from a few stalls away and you simply can't miss the long snaking queue for these little babies. The folks here work very efficiently hence the line moves rather quickly. Thumbs up!
  • Aik Lim Low 26 November, 2019

      For a nostalgic taste, the (oily) but o so delicious vadai is a treat to remind us of the rich multi-racial food culture we enjoy in Singapore. The crutch of the prawn (shell and all) with the dough is so shiok. A great eat and a cultural education for the young set as well.
  • Thomas Tan 26 November, 2019

      Yes it's really Originally good. Very tasty dough with an exquisite texture. So good and worth the long Q The grago. Ikan bilis and prawn are fresh. It's. Beyond descriptions as you Hv your very first Bite. Its so addictively good that begun with your first Bite. Must Go Makan, carry on..
  • Teck Chye Yeo 26 November, 2019

      We drove past the old Golden Mile Food Centre and my son told me to pull over while he went and bought his favourite Vadai here. I asked what he was getting, and he shocked me by saying he wanted to get 10 prawn Vadai, 6 vegetable ones and 3 Daal Vadai. Now when you think supper for 4 at home and what he intends to buy, you will get a picture of just how much he loves these Vadai. The smell of the dough was overwhelming enroute home and we pulled over and popped 1 each. The crust is crispy, the dough fluffy and airy, and the taste, a cross between a doughnut and churros! I doubt what we have will survive tonight. We'll certainly be back for more

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